Welcome to Bill’s Agora

“I think, therefore I am. ” Descartes

“I am what I think.” Bill Sams

“Who is John Galt?”  Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

I hope to have this space be a place where friends, colleagues or even passing visitors can share concepts about the future.

So much of our lives are caught up in the demands of a job or the pleasantries of daily living that we rarely have deep, thoughtful and meaningful discussions that extend beyond the current news or op ed. I am hopeful that this will be a place worth visiting from time to time to gain new insights, explore meaningful questions and have deeper discussions.

There is no certainty in predicting the future but there are things that are more probable than others and one of the most probable is change. To the degree that we can understand the direction and rate of technological change we will have a  higher probability of conceptualizing the impact and potential of such changes. Technology is neither inherently good or bad but rather it is how it is applied by human directed organizations that it takes on a value for either good or bad. The technologies that can be seen on the horizon have enormous potential on either side of the value scale. The more people and the better that they understand the potential of what is coming the better we can be prepared as a society to apply technology for good. I am looking forward to your participation in this discussion as an observer or participant. As Woody Allen famously said, “80% of success is showing up”.

The Executive of 2020 tab presents information on technologies that will augment an executive’s ability to make and implement decisions. Education in 2020 deals with technology that has the potential to transform the system as we have known it. Current Projects provides details on things that I am involved with this year. Social Issues in 2020 deals with issues of how technology may change who we are and the way we live.  About gives you information on my background, experiences and thoughts. It also includes a series of articles about Jan and my adventures on Camelot (pictured above) during our two years in the South Pacific. Our time on Camelot was as close to ideal as it gets in that we were totally consumed with the process of living and experiencing the world. It was a true adventure and adventures are hard to come by these days.

Hopefully exploration of this space will be at least informative and perhaps somewhat provocative for you. Welcome to the Agora…(Greek for a meeting place, the Romans called it a Forum, in Appalachia we call it a town square. Pull up a crate, sit awhile and whittle on some ideas with me).

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